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Our HEAL programme aims to support and engage young people who struggle to maintain attendance and learning in the school environment. We design and deliver short-term, personalised learning programmes nationally – a combination of direct home tutoring, supplemented with online learning for pupils aged 5-19.

HEAL tutors specialise in using trauma-informed approaches to re-engage students who have lost their love of learning and are highly effective in restoring students’ faith in education.

HEAL offers flexible and bespoke timetables to ensure that sessions are tailored to individual learning and developmental needs. With our broad but balanced curriculum across all Key Stages, we enable pupils to pursue both academic and vocational paths to help them grow and achieve.

Once students complete their personalised learning programme, HEAL works collaboratively with Therapeutic Services, SENCOs and teaching staff to support re-integration into school.

Our Vision:

  • To enrich children’s lives and make a difference. Tailoring our approach to their individual needs to ensure positive future outcomes.
  • Ensure a flexible approach that is tailored to the individual needs of each student.
  • A bespoke approach to teaching and learning while developing their individuality and sense of self.
  • Delivering holistic, consistent education with a therapeutic approach that is trauma-informed and tailored to the young person.
  • To build a strong, trusting relationship with each student.
  • To improve outcomes for young people, using compassion, empathy, and unconditional positive regard.

At HEAL, we are dedicated to preparing our students for successful futures through our comprehensive career support programme.

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Our caring and experienced colleagues are ready to assist you with your referral or enquiry.

Tailored Learning

Our expertise, resources and approaches succeed in engaging the young people we support.

The breadth and wealth of our expertise, alongside our passion to make a difference to young lives, opens up learning opportunities that support individual development and wellbeing.

We make learning relevant to our young people, ensuring that they develop and progress in education, and are prepared for reintegration into school, college or training.

Specialist Tutors

We are specialists.

Our Alternative Learning programme provides support and education for young people with a range of complex needs, or those requiring learning support who are unable to attend and education setting.

All staff are highly trained, tailoring their approach to match each young person’s needs.

Our people are the facilitators in enabling young lives to lead bright futures.

Bright Futures

Every young person is unique, and should be enabled to feel confident about their future no matter what challenges they face.

Our tailored programmes and experienced staff shape provisions around the individual, and help to inspire the young people we work with to achieve their full potential.

As a result, young people develop their knowledge and expand on their skills both now and for the future.

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