Our Culture

Young people are at the heart of what we do

At Horizon, we are committed to building safe, therapeutic environments where young people not only succeed but thrive.

Working collaboratively, we ensure the individual needs of our children and young people are supported holistically in a way that is unique to them.

This is more than just a job, and there’s no greater sense of accomplishment than knowing you’ve helped a young person fulfil their potential.

Compassionate culture

We listen, understand and have empathy for the experiences of our children and young people. At Horizon, we believe that with the right care, support and education, everyone can be empowered to fulfil their own potential and chose a path in life that is authentic to them.

As a part of our dedicated team you’ll help young people to develop the independence to do just that. You’ll provide stability and reassurance, you’ll give them a confidence boost when they need it and you’ll celebrate in their success, knowing that you’ve made a difference to a young person’s life. Now that’s real job satisfaction!

Believing in young people

We inspire young people to believe in themselves, their aspirations and to have the positive mindset that anything is possible. Our committed team give their all each day to help young people achieve their goals, and create lasting positive change.

If you’re an enthusiastic, forward-thinking person who is passionate about equipping young people with the resilience to face life’s challenges, then you’re a natural fit for our team. Use your passion to help shape lives.

Space to be themselves

We provide safe, supportive environments where young people can be themselves.

Whether that’s a welcoming home where they feel content and can develop the foundations they need to achieve success. Or a vibrant educational space where they can learn new skills and grow in confidence. Our nurturing environments offer a safe place and opportunities for each young person so they can achieve the outcomes that are right for them.

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