Horizon are committed to supporting young people in experiencing the brightest of futures, with our residential services that truly feel like home.

We recognise the diverse range of needs of our young people, and through therapeutic care, inspiring colleagues and providing homes that feels like home, we and work tirelessly to ensure we meet the needs of every individual in our safe and nurturing environments.

Our fully trained staff listen, care and support with sincerity, empathy and kindness whilst being trusted to create safe environments for our young people to flourish.

Welcoming Homes

Our family-sized properties offer a warm environment, and a safe, secure place for young people to feel welcomed. Their room is ready for them to make it their own, with sociable spaces to come together and feel a real part of their new home.

Therapeutic Care

At Horizon we provide safe and nurturing environments where young people can be supported in developing trusting and positive relationships. Horizon’s colleagues are all therapeutically trained and supported by our fully qualified psychologists.

Bright Futures

Every individual is unique, and at Horizon we work together collaboratively to ensure that the needs of our young people are met. We offer the support and opportunities that allow every child to thrive within their new, safe, and homely surroundings.

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Horizon Care and Education Group Ltd is a company registered in England and Wales (company no. 06454959)

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