Our Therapeutic Model

Supporting Healing In Nurturing Environments

Our unique SHINE (Supporting Healing In Nurturing Environments) Therapeutic Model allows our colleagues to practice using psychologically-informed, and trauma-responsive approaches to care, support, and education.

SHINE brings together current research and best practices for supporting young people who may have experienced trauma and adversity.

Dyadic Developmental Psychotherapy (DDP), developed by Psychologist Dr Dan Hughesan, underpins our SHINE Therapeutic Model. DDP is an evidence-based, attachment-focused approach that helps professionals understand, work together, and effectively support young people to build positive relationships. This is key to building trust and safe therapeutic environments for young people to achieve social, emotional, and academic success.

Our therapists and psychologists across our homes, schools, and supported accommodation services draw from current neuropsychological evidence, notably the work of Bruce Perry, Daniel Siegel, and Bessel van der Kolk to clinically problem-solve and identify areas of support required to meet the needs of young people.



We recognise the individuality of each young person, and our collaborative approach ensures they receive personalised care, education, and support to thrive. Our teams work together to understand and meet their unique needs, enabling each young person to flourish.

Healing In

We recognise that some young people we care for and educate may have experienced trauma or adversity. We understand the complexity of these experiences and their consequences. With empathy and patience, we support their healing and progress at their own pace. Using a DDP-informed approach and PACE principles, we consider the whole young person, not just their behaviours.


In our homes, schools, and supported accommodation services, we nurture young people, helping them discover their strengths and build trusting relationships in safe environments. Our colleagues foster warm, compassionate connections, providing safety and comfort which reinforces the message that every young person is valued and can depend on us.


Across our services, we're dedicated to fostering safe and inclusive environments where young people feel comfortable and accepted. Our spaces are carefully designed to promote healing and nurture, considering sensory needs and the impact of trauma on self-regulation and sensory processing.

Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy

Central within DDP is PACE, a way of thinking, feeling, communicating, and behaving that helps young people to feel safe. It is based on how parents connect with their very young infants.

PACE stands for Playfulness, Acceptance, Curiosity, and Empathy.

By integrating the principles of PACE into our SHINE Therapeutic Model, we strive to promote healing, growth, and positive change in the lives of children and young people.



This is about creating an atmosphere of lightness and interest when you communicate. It
means learning how to use a light tone with your voice, like you might use when storytelling, rather than an irritated or lecturing tone. It's about having fun and expressing a sense of joy.


Unconditional acceptance is at the core of the child's sense of safety. It is
about accepting, without judgement, their inner life. The child's inner life simply is; it is not right or wrong. Accepting the child's intentions does not imply accepting behaviour, which may be hurtful or harmful to another person or to self.


Curiosity, without judgement, is how we help children become aware of their inner life, reflect upon the reasons for their behaviour, and then communicate it to others. Curiosity lets the young person know that the adults understand.


Empathy lets the young person feel the adult's compassion for them. Being empathic means the adult actively showing the young person that their inner life is important to the adult and that they want to be with the young person in their hard times.

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