Therapeutic Services

At Horizon we care. Our therapeutic approach to the work we do helps to inspire bright futures in the young lives we touch.

Therapeutic practice is at the heart of what we do. With a dedicated and growing team of psychologists and psychotherapists, we work directly with our young people, as well as supporting our colleagues with therapeutic training and reflection to offer the best in care and education.

Integrated Therapeutic Services in Education

Our experienced Therapeutic Services team provide outstanding levels of integrated therapeutic support across Horizon.

Our Approach

At Horizon we provide safe and nurturing environments where young people are supported to develop trusting and supportive relationships. The safety established in these connections allow young people to understand the impact of their experiences, and provide the foundation from which they can think, learn, and explore.

Therapeutically informed

Our focus is to develop and maintain a relational, reflective and connected organisation where we are sensitive to the young people and colleagues needs. We recognise that all behaviour is communication and with relationships at the heart of our practice we recognise that “every interaction is an intervention” (Treisman, 2018).

Therapeutic Academy

Through our Therapeutic Academy all colleagues receive initial training focussing on therapeutic parenting, attachment aware and trauma informed approaches. Our Horizon Library and Therapeutic Academy allow us to ensure that our colleagues remain up to date with existing and emerging psychological theory to support their understanding and practice.


We provide regular reflection opportunities for our colleagues to enable them to remain attuned and sensitive to the needs of the young people. We focus on being a therapeutic partner to allow a space for meaning making so that we are able to recognise the needs behind the behaviour.


From the point of referral to the point of endings the Therapeutic Services team work alongside our homes to ensure that the needs of our young people, and our colleagues, are recognised and attended to.


We assess the young person’s needs to develop a working formulation, the young person’s individual story, and a therapeutic plan. The formulation and plan are then regularly reviewed to ensure that any changes in need are recognised and the team are able to adapt practice to maintain connections and allow young people to succeed and achieve.

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If you’re passionate about making a difference to the lives of young people and enabling them to shape their own future, then we want you to be a part of Horizon.
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