Through education, we enable young people to gain the skills and resilience needed to succeed in life beyond school, inspiring the brightest futures.

Our specialist independent schools offer unrivalled opportunities, securing sound educational outcomes with personalised, inclusive, and stimulating programmes of learning.

Horizon support young people with complex needs aged 5-19 years old. Our qualified and experienced teams are passionate about making a difference to the education, development and wellbeing of young people within our schools.


Woodbury School

A positive, friendly co-educational day school, providing support at primary, secondary and post-16 level.

Brewood School

At Brewood School, we provide high quality education to meet the diverse needs of our secondary pupils.

Trinity College

A co-educational, independent specialist day school, delivery quality and tailored educations from 7 to 16 years.

Draycott Moor College

Providing a high quality and individualised learning environment, tailored to the varied needs of our pupils.

Great Howarth School

Highly specialist education provision for young people aged 7-18 years, with a range of complex needs.

Cressey College

A large independent specialist school in Croydon for children and young people aged 5 to 19 years.

Dudley Port School

An ambitious day school providing complete, specialist education for young people aged 11 to 16 years.

Purposeful Learning

Our schools provide a broad and balance curriculum, whilst utilising a personalised approach to meet the individual needs of each young person.

We make learning relevant to our young people, ensuring that they develop and progress in the core subjects, alongside the wider curriculum.

Our approach to implementing the curriculum helps to support our young people to become positive and responsible individuals who can work and cooperate with others in any situation they may find themselves in beyond their life at school.

Specialist Staff

We are specialists.

In Horizon’s schools, we provide support and education for young people with a range of social, emotional and mental health needs, alongside other associated conditions.

All staff are highly trained, tailoring their approach to match each young person’s needs.

Our people are the facilitators in enabling young lives to lead bright futures.

Quality Framework

Our schools follow our quality framework. Young people learn in a safe environment that is able to support their individual needs.

We plan each young person’s education carefully and cohesively, shaping their provision around their EHCP and agreed developmental goals.

As a result, young people develop their knowledge and expand on their skills both now and for the future.

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