Horizon’s Inspirational Women

It’s International Women’s Day, and here at Horizon we are lucky enough to have an abundance of inspirational and motivational women giving their all to inspire bright futures – not only for the young people we support, but for our colleagues and partners too.

We’ve received some special nominations from colleagues who want to highlight the amazing women they work with, and we’re delighted to be able to share these with you. We’re so proud to have them as part of the Horizon family.

Name: Lindsay
Role: Area Operations Manager – Key2
Nominated By: Danny

“As with many organisations across all sectors, one of the challenges we faced during the unexpected national lockdown was staffing across some of our Key2 projects. Lindsay stepped up to the plate in supporting Peterborough to ensure that the young people in our Supported Accommodation were unaffected at a time where additional needs arose, and our Peterborough colleagues were so grateful to be supported.

On her journey back home to Coventry, Lindsay was in an horrific car accident which resulted in injuries and an understandable impact on her confidence in taking this long journey. Despite this, Lindsay pushed through her recovery, got back in the drivers seat, and made sure she was able to continue to support the Peterborough team at a time when it was so welcomed and needed.

The team and young people truly appreciated her presence and support, and Lindsay’s determination and commitment in ensuring that she was able to continue to give them her all is inspiring and motivational. Thank you Lindsay for your steadfast commitment to your role, to your colleagues and to the young people we support.”

Name: Kathy
Role: Head Teacher – Brewood School
Nominated By: Dom

“Without fail, Kathy always puts the young peoples’ needs, welfare and aspirations first. No matter what the task – it’s the young people she supports that are at the forefront of her mind. So, there is no question that she be nominated for International Women’s Day.

No matter the task that is put on Kathy’s shoulders, she is able approach it with compassion and dedication. Even on the most challenging days when the best of us might struggle to find the resilience and strength to get through it, Kathy will take a deep breath, and carry on with a smile on her face.

She is truly an aspirational leader and deserves all the recognition she should for the young people, her colleagues and for Brewood School.”

Name: Jane & Clare
Role: Registered Manager & Senior Registered Care Worker
Nominated By: Paul

“It would be impossible to nominate one of these inspirational women without the other, as the impact they have made at the home in the face of adversity is truly admirable.

Over the last six months, Jane has shown great strength, determination and courage during her battle with cancer. In true Jane spirit, she put everyone elses needs before her own, ensuring the home was suitably covered and managed. Despite the pain and sadness she must have been experiencing, she kept spirits high and showed no weakness, with her smile lighting up every room. As with everything else Jane does, she’s fought her personal battles head on and we are absolutely delighted to be welcoming her back to work cancer free. Inspirational!

Clare is a Senior Registered Care Worker who stepped up to support her colleagues and young people when they needed her the most. In Jane’s absence, Clare stepped into a role that she never asked for or wanted, and made every effort to maintain the strong leadership in the home to give Jane the confidence in taking the time needed. She not only became a leader, but she showed real compassion and commitment to her manager, her colleagues and to the young people during this difficult time. She deserves the praise and recognition in knowing she is one of Horizon’s most inspirational women.”

Name: Jacqui
Role: Business Development Partner for Education
Nominated By: Amanda

“Whilst Jacqui’s care and commitment to ensuring the right educational provision is in place for the young people is clear from the results of the work she does day in, day out – this nomination is about how much of a difference just being a nice human being can make – even when you don’t realise it.

When I joined Horizon, the first colleague I was blessed to meet was Jacqui. In that moment I knew that I was going to be happy here. She send messages and emails to check in on colleagues, and even the odd call just to see how you are. When working remotely, a simple call or message to see if you’re ok, and have a quick catch up, can make such a massive difference to your colleagues’ wellbeing. Her communications never fail to make me feel happy, appreciated and loved.

Even when she’s excelling in her work, she is striving to do better – what more can she do to support external partners? What would make the process better for the young people? To be good at your role and still want to improve is hugely motivating and inspiring to me, and the rest of her colleagues. Makes me want to be more ‘Jacqui.’ We’re so lucky to have such a heart of gold on in the Horizon family.”

Name: Sarah
Role: Admin Manager
Nominated By: Mandy

“Sarah works extremely hard, and gives everything her all. If someone is in need of help or support, she is there to assist without question. How amazing to have a colleague you can turn to who you know will be willing and able to help.

Despite numerous changes to her role and her team over the past few years, Sarah has remained focused and resilient and continued to ensure the standard and commitment to her work is exemplary.

What is lovely about working with Sarah is that she is always positive, focussed and has a smile for everyone. That attitude is contagious and makes working alongside her a delight.”

Name: Wendy
Role: Head of Learning & Development
Nominated By: Shammy

“Wendy is very passionate about ensuring all of Horizon’s colleagues have the best possible onboarding experience. She is a key advocate for developing all colleagues to be the best they can be in their roles or enabling them to be ready to take the next step in their career.

At Horizon we have so much talent and so many amazing colleagues. Wendy has been working tirelessly to put into place clear guidance, support, and training for colleagues across all areas of the business to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to grow and progress in a way that is right for each individual. Her motivation and passion in supporting other is truly inspiring.”

Name: Kelly
Role: School Administrator
Nominated By: Julie

“I’m so pleased to be able to nominate Kelly and showcase what a fantastic woman she is. Without fail, she always goes above and beyond for the care of pupils within the school.

Despite caring for children, who also have additional needs, Kelly will give up her evenings and holidays to support the Head Teacher, as the development of the school is so important to her, ensuring that the young people at Woodbury have the brightest futures ahead of them. Her dedication is unwavering. Horizon are so lucky to have her.

Yes, Kelly is the School Administrator. But you won’t just find her keeping the admin in tip-top shape. She can be tasked with spending time with pupils, helping to manage behaviours and even cooking lunch. She is generally an all-round good egg and inspires me and her colleagues around her every day.”

Name: Victoria
Role: Senior Registered Manager
Nominated By: Kate

“Vicky is an inspirational leader. The young people and her team are at the heart of everything she does. She has shown outstanding leadership throughout even the most challenging times, and has continued to support her home throughout – leading by example and showing great commitment and determination.

The home has recently been judged as Outstanding by Ofsted, which is a real testament to Vicky. Although I’m sure she’ll say that this achievement is thanks to her colleagues and the young people. Vicky is a inspiration to everyone she works will and I’m delighted to have an opportunity to give her the credit she deserves on International Women’s Day.”

Name: Emma
Role: Head of Therapeutic Services
Nominated By: Paula

“Emma is an inspiration. She consistently puts the wellbeing of our colleagues and young people at the forefront of all she does.

She is committed to ensuring that young people’s lives whilst they are with Horizon, and their bright futures beyond, are of the best quality, striving to make the biggest and most positive impact possible.

Emma also cares deeply for her colleagues around the business, ensuring that teams have everything they need to be able to deliver the promise we offer. She’s not just a manager – she’s a team player who supports all divisions in any way that she can. We’re so thankful to have her in our midst – she is a pleasure to work with.”

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