Living Horizon’s Values – Colleague Recognition

Having recently launched our new values, we gave everyone an opportunity to nominate and recognise a colleague who demonstrated they were compassionate, collaborative, inspiring and dependable.

We were blown away with all the nominations received, and it’s been so uplifting not only reading these amazing stories – but seeing how many of Horizon’s colleagues took the time and care to celebrate and appreciate the efforts of those they work alongside.

The Recognition Committee selected 4 excellent examples of colleagues living Horizon’s values, which we are delighted to share with you:

We value our partnerships and work together to create innovative and sustainable solutions for young people

Stacey Neenan, PA to Executive Directors

Stacey has the ability to work with ease and excellence across all divisions and areas of the business to achieve the necessary outcomes, having always provided the best level of support possible to her colleagues since joining Horizon last year.

Amy said “Stacey is an integral part of not only the PA team, but of Horizon as a whole. She collaborates with colleagues from many different divisions on a diverse range of matters. Everyone who works with Stacey comments on how helpful and professional she is – and she deserves this recognition.”

We listen, care and support with sincerity, empathy and kindness

Lisa Garrard, Team Manager for our Supported Accommodation

Lisa is full of energy, and a driven, motivating colleague. But what stands out is how amazingly compassionate she is, which flows through everything she does. From birth partner, to advocate, and everything inbetween – she extends her support above and beyond to show young people that we care.

Deb said: “Lisa’s compassion is genuine and apparent in everything she does. She’ll provide additional cover for other areas and has a burning desire to help as many young people as possible.” Vicky added “Lisa shows compassion for and helps everyone the best she can. Her positive and happy attitude truly inspires me.”

We promote a culture which is high in expectation, enabling our young people and colleagues to achieve their potential.

Ainsley Stone, Home Manager

Ainsley has a positive impact on everyone she works alongside and is keen to inspire bright futures in not just the young people, but her colleagues too. One nomination talked of Ainsley’s mentorship, encouraging and supporting a colleague to challenge herself, resulting in Zahida beginning her Level 5 qualifications. She said “If it wasn’t for Ainsley, I wouldn’t be where I am today. I hope one day I will be an amazing and inspiring manager like her”

Ainsley has tirelessly supported her colleagues and young people – especially during challenging times, ensuring everyone feels cared for and listened to. Team welfare is always prioritised to ensure that colleagues can be at their very best when caring for the children with the home.

Charlotte said “Ainsley isn’t just our manager – she is the heart of the home and has made the world of difference not only to those who work there, but to young people too. I think Ainsley lives every one of our values every single day and deserves this recognition.”

We are reliable and trustworthy, creating safe environments where young people can flourish and colleagues can grow, and we always keep our word

Whilst we all need someone we can depend on; no-one needs that more than a child in crisis. When recently faced with a particularly difficult set of circumstances, Anthony went above and beyond to support a young person who was in real need of support, staying late into the evening until an appropriate solution could be found to support the child when they needed it the most. This genuine act of care and compassion saw Anthony receive two nominations.

Timothy said “He has shown compassion to the young person in difficult circumstances. He is truly dedicated to his work and to the young people he works with and is 100% dependable.”

Rachel added “This is a prime example of Tony’s amazing compassion and kindness, and in this situation, it was important for the child to know they has someone dependable that they could rely on to support them through such a challenging time.”

Bright Futures,
Inspired by You

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