Shiremoor is Simply Outstanding!

It’s another Outstanding Ofsted result for our Shiremoor Children’s Home.

Following the recent Ofsted visit where Shiremoor was rated Outstanding in all areas, we are delighted to be able to share some of the highlights of this inspection report, below.

The report highlighted the love and care that every individual has dedicated to this home, and we are so proud of the amazing growth and successes of the young people, too, who truly make this a special home to be a part of.

Young Lives

  • Children take pride in their achievements, no matter how small or large these may be.
  • Children thrive and make excellent progress with their development.
  • Children feel safe and are kept safe.
  • Staff have developed unique ways for children to communicate when they are unable to vocally express themselves. This helps children to feel listened to and kept safe from harm.
  • Staff focus on children’s strengths and abilities. They advocate for children’s individual rights and needs

Bright Futures

  • Children’s progress is outstanding across all areas of their development.
  • Children are motivated to learn and succeed in education.
  • Children grow in confidence and develop self-esteem because they are so well cared for by staff.
  • The team celebrates all successes. Staff are committed to ensuring each child has the best chances and outcomes possible.
  • Staff encourage and support children to have positive educational experiences; this is part of the culture of this home. Consequently, children achieve in their learning.

Inspired By You

To the Shiremoor team – you are inspiring! The extended Horizon team are so lucky to have colleagues who have worked tirelessly to provide an outstanding provision since 2019. The Ofsted inspection clearly demonstrates the care, compassion and commitment that is provided consistently.

  • There is a real sense of emotional warmth shown by staff toward the children. This helps to build trusting relationships that continue even when children have left the home.
  • Staff support children to have good memories of their time at the home. Staff go to great lengths to make sure children have positive experiences.
  • There is a strong and commendable learning culture in this home that sculpts the best care practice.
  • The manager and staff speak with real passion and knowledge about each child.
  • The manager and staff see themselves as a family around the child. This approach produces excellent outcomes.
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