Good in all areas for “Calm and caring” Draycott Moor

“Personal development is at the heart of everything the school does. Pupils have many opportunities to learn about themselves, the world they live in and the skills to do so successfully.”

Following a recent visit from Ofsted, Draycott Moor College are pleased to have been graded ‘Good’ in all areas, in a report that really shines a light on the amazing work we see day in day out at this school.

On learning, the inspector highlighted that Draycott’s leadership ensure that any gaps in a young person’s learning are identified and addressed with efficiency, and that our fantastic students are proud of their achievements – and rightly so. The report also identifies our high priority on pupils’ personal development and attitude to learning, with approaches designed to best suit individual learning needs. “Staff support pupils well to develop the positive attitudes to learning that will help them to do their very best”

On bullying, it was noted that this seldom occurs, and that our pupils feel safe and are confident that they can get help and support if they ever had a problem. “One pupil said, ‘in this school we have learned to laugh with each other, not at each other’.”

On behaviour, it was noted that the opportunity to meet Draycott’s high expectations in this area are provided, understood, and appreciated by pupils. “As a result, they develop a strong sense of what is right and wrong. Over time, they begin to make the right choices more often.”

On teaching, we were able to share how we plan our curriculum to provide a basis of bespoke individual plans for every young person who attends Draycott Moor College. This flexible approach allows teaching staff to easily adapt in the event of missing a lesson, reducing the impact on the learning. “Topics are selected that help pupils understand their experiences and to raise their expectation of what they can achieve.”

On working with Horizon, Ofsted acknowledge the wide range of professional development opportunities, with a leadership team who are keen to support staff who wish to gain new skills and qualifications. It’s a credit to Draycott’s leadership team that the report states “Staff are unanimously proud to work in this school because they feel valued and respected.”

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