Keepers Cottage

Keepers Cottage is a beautiful 4 bedroomed home for boys and girls aged between 8 and 17 years of age. It is situated in Great Wyrley which is in between Cannock and Wolverhampton/Walsall. 

We provide a therapeutic environment where the young people can develop their trust in adults, be kept safe and come to terms with their history and find ways to manage their emotions. The team at Keepers Cottage support the children with their educational needs and work along side their educational provision to underpin their educational journey.

The Keepers Cottage team work directly with the in house clinical team to understand the problems the young people face on a day to day basis, and then help the young people to develop coping strategies which will transition with them into adult life.

Our aim is to provide a nurturing, stable, loving environment for our young people where they can safely discover who they are.

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