Barley Grange

Barley Grange is a large detached four bedroomed home, situated not too far from Burnley Town centre, Lancashire. Barley Grange prides itself on being furnished with the Young People in mind, where they can choose to relax in the Dining room, lounge, games room or reading nook.

Barley Grange benefits from being huge! The games room is filled with so many different games, a pool table and TV/console area. The reading nook has a huge cuddle chair and footstool along with plenty of different books to read. The dining room is so big that as well as an 8 seater table, there’s room for 2 sofas and a TV area. Our lounge has a beautiful canopy, filled with cushions for you to relax in or multiple snuggle sofas, throws and cushions.

To the back of the building, we have a lovely patio and seating area with flower gardens to the side and front of the home. Within walking distance there are so many fun things to do! These include; Turf Moore football club, shopping centre, eateries, restaurants, bowling, an inflatable park and a several beautiful picturesque parks and playgrounds.

What makes Barley Grange so special is the way in which our adults care. Our adults are super fun and we’re more like a family because we all spend so much time together! We want the same things for our Young People! Team Barley Grange have an incredible amount of experience in helping, getting to know and supporting the Young People who come into our lives. We do this by implementing a therapeutic approach, meeting your needs and chucking a load of love and passion in there too!

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