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The HEAL programme is a combination of direct home tutoring, supplemented with a personalised curriculum of learning online and through project work, e.g. towards examinations. Most pupils will engage in our learning programmes for a time limited period, with a view to returning to school or progressing to college, training or employment at the earliest opportunity.


It is well known that many pupils likely to require our services, have a history of interrupted school attendance and learning. For this reason, initial placements of one term/12 weeks or more are preferable, to maximise the potential for success and progression, with pupils better placed to gain the most from our time and expertise.

There is no fixed time limit for a placement, however our aim is to prepare learners for reintegration to either their home school, a new school, including one of our Horizon schools, or other suitable provision. If a pupil is referred to us on a part-time basis only, they should attend school or other Commissioner approved learning as usual on the agreed designated days.

Depending upon the level of programme commissioned, HEAL Tutors will deliver English, maths and national curriculum or GCSE subjects in the student’s own home or at another suitable venue. Additionally, after the tutoring sessions, the tutor will set online learning activities for the student to complete, which will support the tutoring, using our e-learning software.  We have hundreds of hours of online learning available, all of which are monitored and reported on, by the Tutor.

The HEAL programme is suitable for all learners who need additional support and who are currently not in a school setting or are children who are missing from education including:

  • Children Missing Education
  • Students with ongoing issues causing long-term absence from school
  • Students who need support before returning to formal education
  • Looked after children who are awaiting a suitable education provision
  • Permanently excluded and hard to engage students
  • Students who cannot attend school for medical or other reasons, e.g. teenage pregnancy
  • School refusers, e.g. students with anxiety issues preventing attendance


The Head Teacher is James Davies

01543 520740


To make an enquiry please contact the referrals team on 01543 460200