Appointment of Chief Operating Officer

I am very pleased to be able to announce that Jemima Taylor joined Horizon as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO) on 16th  April.

The new COO will be working closely with the three Managing Directors across the three operating divisions (Residential, Education and Transitional) and the Clinical Director.  The role will be focusing on these division working even more closely and maximising the outcomes for all of the YPs we support.

The COO, CFO (Sharon Roberts) and the People & Quality Director (Sarah Humphreys) will form part of the Senior Executive Team including myself that will be focusing on driving Horizon forward, developing our services and profile further, in partnership with the Executive and Senior Leadership Teams.

Jemima has a wealth of experience in operational management and leadership of new business and has been working at Lifeways for ten years before joining Horizon.

“My passion centres on ensuring, as a business, we develop services which are centred on each individual we support and that our staff are recruited, trained and inspired to ensure we deliver innovative, high quality support at all times.”  – Jemima Taylor

Paul Callander

Chief Executive