Horizon Care | Activity Time at Trinity College!

Activity Time at Trinity College!

Over the last half term all Young People at Trinity Annexe have spent time researching and discovering about natural disasters/occurrences in Arts & Crafts. The Young People have learnt about volcanos and why they erupt; creating, designing and painting their own volcano from papier mache, newspaper and cardboard to erupting their volcano using bicarbonate of soda and vinegar.


The young people have visited many local areas which have contained volcanic rock, different rock formations and extinct volcanos. The Young People have really enjoyed being outside into the countryside exploring and rambling over these rocks/hills. The Young People have also learnt about Solar Flares as a natural occurrence. What they are and how they light up the sky. In preparation to their visit to the National Space Centre, the Young People have watched videos of these Solar Flares occurring throughout the world.