Working with children to manage, understand & change behaviour.

At the very heart of Horizon Care and Education Group is a caring philosophy, a genuine commitment to making a real difference for young lives.

As an established and strong care and education focused business recognised for its experience and excellent reputation in the care and education sector, Horizon Care and Education strives to provide strategies, support and solutions to some of the most difficult challenges involving children and young people. Working closely with local authorities and professional bodies Horizon Care and Education’s aim is to ensure that each and every child and young person is placed in an environment that suits their individual care and educational needs.

A place that feels like home:

We offer a comfortable, homely environment where, with the right care and dedicated support, every child and young person can fulfil their potential. Every child and young person is individual and unique in their needs, as is our approach to planning and caring for them. We take time to explore every issue that affects an individual and provide a nurturing environment in which their needs are met. The interests, well-being and future of every child and young person are at the heart of what we do. The care teams are committed to a vision for every child, where aspirations have no limits.

Education that inspires:

We recognise that the issues faced by a person can affect their learning abilities. Education is a key aspect in a child and young person’s life and a vital driver for change and future development. We have developed a range of academic and creative studies to challenge and inspire each child. We provide space and opportunity for a rich diversity of educational experience. All are enabled to develop lively, enquiring minds as they gain greater independence and self-belief. Our education values the creation of an ethos that is caring, supportive and collaborative, providing the foundation upon which personalities can grow and skills and abilities find full expression. We promote a culture which is high in expectation, enabling all to achieve their optimum potential.

Our Values:

These are the values we look to incorporate into everything we do.


We work in an open and ethical way, mindful of the impact we have on other and our environment


We are kind and respectful when interacting with others and acknowledge humanity


We embrace diversity and collaboration involving other in matters of mutual concern


We are responsible and flexible, always striving for best practice and positive outcomes


We are open to new ideas and are creative in identifying better ways of doing things


We strive for measurable results and take responsibility for our actions