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Trinity Primary is committed to developing its pupils as individuals, enabling them to pass this learning and knowledge onto further education within a safe and enjoyable environment.

At Trinity Primary we:

  • Specialise in working with young people with a range of complex needs
  • Support young people with social, emotional and mental health difficulties
  • Provide a safe learning environment
  • Provide person-centred care, promoting individual learning and study
  • Work to pupils strengths and interests
  • Maintain strong family links
  • Manage professional support of young people
  • Have a pro-active team – high expectations of staff and young people
  • Promote core values of honesty, care, trust, consistency and reliability

Trinity Primary is a small self-contained, intimate setting for young people to develop their full potential educationally, socially and emotionally.


Teaching is adapted to the young person’s learning level. We offer a differentiated curriculum, which is supported by offsite educational visits. As a school we base our learning around English, Maths, SEAL, Science, Art, Humanities, Computing and Fitness/Healthy Living. Enabling us to develop our young people into well rounded individuals before they take their next steps into further education.


Trinity Primary is committed to developing the social awareness of all young people. This is undertaken by helping each young person understand social interaction throughout the school day during breakfast, lesson time, break and lunch. These are times where all staff and young people congregate to create these social communication situations. We also have planned social offsite visits to local places which ultimately involve social interactions: going for a walk, coffee shop, food shopping to visiting the local shop. Our daily behaviour tracking follows these values and encourages the young people to promote sharing and politeness, as part of their daily targets.


We work as a nurture team to care and protect, but also to promote emotional wellbeing, enabling the young people to recognise and develop effective coping mechanisms on an individual basis. We have strong daily family links to each young person’s parents/carers, this is maintained by excellent communication.

The Head Teacher is Rebecca Goodrich.